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Education Sessions

Our Education Sessions covered a variety of topics from preservation experts in our community. Sessions were accredited by the American Institute of Architects. Below is a list of sessions, times, and presenters.

9:00 am to 10:15 am


Rehab it Right! Masonry Matters – Causes of Deterioration and Correct Solutions
Understanding what causes historic masonry materials to deteriorate is essential in preventing them to deteriorate further. This session explores those causes, how to prevent them, and what to do if they have already affected your historic masonry. You will leave this session understanding how historic masonry materials and buildings were originally designed to function and what the top seven causes of deterioration to masonry in Utah are and the solutions to prevent them.
Speaker: John Lambert, Abstract Masonry Restoration

1..2..3..Number Crunching for Tax Credits
Historic rehabilitation tax credits are often the financial engines that make a project run. But with all the numbers involved in making a positive bottom line, how do tax credits really makes a project pencil? Come to this session to see some of the latest and greatest projects in process around the state and get some hands-on experience working with real number crunching using state and federal rehab tax credits and New Markets Tax Credits.
Speakers: Nelson Knight, Utah Division of State History
Christine Fedukowski, National Trust Community Investment Corp.


Forgotten but Not Gone: Preserving Dynamic Historic Landscapes
The Historic American Landscape Survey Program is one tool that helps local communities identify important historic landscapes. Grassroots organizing and partnerships combine for success in other cases. But when you move past the documentation phase, protecting these unique cultural and historic resources can sometimes be overwhelming. The Salt Lake City Cemetery and Gilgal Garden serve as successful models on very different scales.
Speakers: Susan Crook
Robin Carbaugh
Chris Fraizer
Bob Bliss

10:30 am to 11:45 am


Rehab it Right! Maintaining and Upgrading Historic Wood Windows
Wood windows are almost universal in old homes. Learn when these windows need repair and what the proper materials that are required for replacement.
Speaker: Phil Kearns, American Heritage Windows


Tools to Protect Your Community’s Character
Is a new condo complex proposed for your backyard? Will the café always be there on the corner? How do you keep historic buildings, new development, local business, and politics in balance and what is your role? From neighborhoods in Salt Lake City to small towns the dynamic of shifting character present challenges to saving historic buildings. These can require new tools in zoning, more local discussions, and collaborations between community groups. Hear how advocates, communities, and planners have used these opportunities to seek solutions for historic preservation.
Speakers: Susan Petheram, Cooper Roberts Simonsen & Associates Architects
Bim Oliver

Mayor Connie Tatton, Midway City

Historic Preservation: Sustainability Built In
There’s a reason that historic preservation has a tradition of sustainability – its' methods of conserving as much of built environment were sound practices before ‘green building’ became buzzwords in the building industry. Get to know the latest strategies in achieving green preservation from these experts by gaining an understanding of sustainable components, seeing case studies in successful projects, and understanding all the levels of LEED and energy-saving rating systems.
Speaker: Soren Simonsen, Cooper Roberts Simonsen & Associates Architects

1:30 pm to 2:45 pm

Rehab it Right! Seismic Retrofitting Your Historic House
Learn how to plan and carry-out a seismic upgrade while preserving the important features and character of your historic building. You can improve life safety and the chance of your building surviving a major earthquake with the right plan.
Speakers: Charles Shepherd, MJSA Architects
Barry Welliver, BHW Engineers

Preservation 101
If you don’t have time to go back to school, this session is for you! Whether you have recently discovered a love for older buildings or you are a Landmarks Commissioner looking to brush up on your basics, it’s all right here in one hour. From historic district designation, incentives, and design review to documentation, Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, preservation laws, and the roles of advocates.
Speakers: Chris Hansen, Utah Division of State History
Cory Jensen, Utah Division of State History
Barbara Murphy, Utah Division of State History
Robin Zeigler, Salt Lake City Planning Division

A Celebration of Compatible Design: Additions and Infill Construction
You bought the new book, now come hear how appropriate additions to historic houses and compatible infill construction can improve traditional neighborhoods. Get a behind the scenes view of our new book, A Celebration of Compatible Design, as well as discuss the examples within. New zoning ordinances are being passed every year to address the ‘monster house’ and an overview of these conservation-type ordinances will be provided. By integrating context-sensitive design with neighborhood-oriented ordinances, better neighborhoods can be created.
Speakers: Rob White
David Richardson, Capitol Hill Construction

The Future of Our Built Environment: Best Collected Student Presentations
Over the last year hundreds of architecture, planning, and historic preservation students have presented dynamic research papers on the topics we talk about every day. In this session, we have collected some of the best ideas from students in presentations that include the preservation of historic mining sites and structures, Parade of Homes subdivisions of the 1950s, …and the impacts of planning and redevelopment of the Gateway area of Salt Lake City.(describe others depending on the topics).

Moderator: Bob Young, College of Architecture + Planning, University of Utah
Speakers: Ellen Nelson, Michael Franz, People & Place 2007-2008

3:00 pm to 4:15 pm

Rehab it Right! Let’s Get Plastered!
A discussion of practical plaster repair techniques for both minor and major repairs on plaster and drywall surfaces in your historic house.
Speaker: Brent Peterson, Houghton Plaster Inc.

Building Codes for Historic Buildings
Which Building Codes apply to historic buildings, and when they apply, is often a mystery even for local building officials and design professionals. Learn what IS known about this little-understood aspect of construction regulation and how to apply the right codes your particular historic preservation project in Utah.
Speaker: Don Hartley, State Historic Preservation Office

Utah’s Architectural History: A Primer
This year’s homes tour will feature architectural styles through the decades of Utah’s history. From the Pioneer era to the Recent Past, hear about the social and architectural history of these different styles before experiencing them first hand.
Speakers: Martha Bradley, College of Architecture + Planning, University of Utah
Peter Goss, College of Architecture + Planning, University of Utah

A Historic Archaeology Tour of Fort Douglas
Fort Douglas is not only a National Historic Landmark, its an outstanding example of an evolving military landscape. Archaeological excavations provided new insights into post life. On this tour, poke your head between buildings to discuss the fort’s history and examine the traces of early occupation and recovered artifacts.
Speakers: Matt Seddon, Division of State History