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571 Pugsley St.

The Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City took on a one of their first preservation projects in the West Capitol Hill Neighborhood, when Utah Heritage Foundation approached them with the idea to do its first hands-on rehab in several decades.  Titled Preservation at Work, the project began in 2011 with the identification of potential homes.  The RDA used its funds to purchase the home while Utah Heritage Foundation used its Loan Program to fund the rehabilitation and to coordinate on-site workshops.

During 2012 and 2013, as the house was being rehabilitated, we hosted four public workshops on-site to illustrate the issues and solutions in rehabilitation.  The workshops demonstrated how-to re-open the closed off space and installing a new wood window in its place, how-to repair exterior wood finishes, how-to install kitchen cabinets, and how-to Install tile

In addition to workshops, rehabilitation work included changing the floor plan to allow access to the rear bedroom without having to go through the bathroom.  For obvious reasons, this was a problem!  Mechanical systems were upgraded as well as much needed structural work, as the front corner of the house was seven inches higher than the back corner.  Additional projects included: new flooring, new wood windows, installation of two custom built leaded glass transom windows, chimney repair, eaves repair, and interior and exterior paint.

The house is now complete and is under contract with a new owner with proceeds going back into the loan program fund. Maybe for the next Preservation at Work project house.

This project will create lasting economic value in a neighborhood revitalization area. Already, improvements to adjacent properties have started.  This partnership project was the first of its kind and provided the opportunity to do active preservation not just talk about it.