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1532 Michigan

Darin and Saralinda Bell bought their 1912 brick Bungalow about 15 years ago. Soon after purchasing the home they started renovation on the interior, restoring what they could and replacing what they couldn't with period and complimentary styles and materials.

Over the next 10 years the Bells completely updated the interior of the home including removing many incompatible interior features, upgrading the mechanical systems, and competing a compatible addition on the rear of the home.  With all their hard work the house looked amazing.  But the still wished they could make it better, or more original.

The home’s exterior paint had reached a point where another decision had to be made. They had always wanted to remove all the paint, but it was cost prohibitive when they first purchased the home.  Now with a lot of the restoration work complete, they decided to try just a patch of brick and strip away all the layers of paint. The original deep red brick and matching mortar absolutely sold them.

The process of removing the paint is slow, but once started, they knew it was the right decision. Some of the home’s soffit, fascia, bead board and windows were also badly deteriorated and repaired or replaced. Once finished and painted, these pieces melded seamlessly with the original woodwork.

There were times during this project when the process seemed slow and discouraging and the owners questioned decisions they had made. The long range impacts and benefits of the decision to strip the paint are numerous, some obvious, some not so much and the owners know and appreciate both. They will never have to paint the body of the house again!