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Ka’ili’s Restaurant

This Greek Revival style, double-cell form pioneer home was originally built in the mid-1800's by Frederick Roulett, who was in a company of Swiss settlers sent to Santa Clara. Over time there were several additions made to the house and when Herb Basso and his wife, Wendy, purchased this home in 2002, their intent was to turn it from a residence into a mixed-use property. After making several upgrades to the spaces, they leased the main floor to a baker and created an apartment on the second floor.

Located on Santa Clara’s Main Street the house had been memorable for its lobster pink color for over fifteen years. In 2012 the Basso’s found that again the house was in need of some work and a new tenant. So in addition to repainting the exterior, the Basso’s decided to re-invest with more rehabilitation work including stripping layers and layers of wallpaper and making repairs for what would become their own restaurant. Ka’ili’s Restaurant now occupies this historic building and proudly serves Pacific Rim favorites with an American twist – and they have a five star rating on Yelp, Urabanspoon, and Facebook!  The property also has an historic granary that was part of the larger project and now serves as overflow dining and restaurant storage.

To further their sustainable impact, the restaurant focuses on farm-to-table ideology including new landscaping that has fruit trees, and a garden of vegetables and herbs that are used in cooking, and flowers which grace the restaurant tables each day.

In July of 2013, the restaurant opened for business and the Bassos have been new pioneers in mixed-use in the town of Santa Clara. They have creatively and respectfully adapted the original residence into a beautiful, functional space for innovative ideas.