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Ladies’ Literary Club

In February 1877 a small group of forward thinking women laid the foundation for the Ladies’ Literary Club. The club was divided into sections including art, drama, music, literature, history and poetry.  For the first twenty-one years the club led a nomadic life, holding their meetings in many different homes and buildings. After Many years of planning and saving, on April 25, 1913, the Ladies’ Literary Club moved into its attractive building at 850 East South Temple.  From the beginning the ladies took great care to be involved is all aspects of the building.

Over the next 100 years the Ladies’ Literary Club continued traditions of self-education and excellent building stewardship. Being used for plays, recitals, and lectures, the continuous use of the building is part of its stewardship success. Also keeping up with painting, refinishing floors, improving the facilities, and providing mechanical upgrades as needed was instrumental in ensuring their clubhouse functioned well.  With thousands of members throughout the years, the Ladies’ Literary Club felt a great responsibility for the building and have been the key to its preservation. To ensure its continued preservation and use as for cultural and educational purposes, the Ladies’ Literary Club gifted the building to Utah Heritage Foundation in 2013.