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Grantsville Church

The 1st Ward LDS Church in Grantsville was built in 1866 and was used as an LDS Church until the 1970's when it was sold and used as a mortuary, and then as a residence.

After living in the historic church for less than a year, its residents – the Wanbergs – realized that work needed to be done to stabilize the chapel portion of the building. The first few hours were precarious as they peeled away the outer layers of the adobe wall, one brick at a time. The shifting noises and falling adobe dust caused the masons to halt work and get the engineers on the phone to determine whether they should worry about the entire twenty foot-high, three-foot thick wall crashing down around them.

Fortunately, disaster was avoided and two outer layers of adobe brick were carefully removed and replaced with steel-reinforced cinder block. With the damaged exterior chapel wall stable and finished, work began on the chapel interior. New twenty foot pillars were constructed to hold up the ceiling on the east, and the installation of tall empty "boxes" on the west would create a sense of balance.

After lots of interior finishing, the chapel is now the picture-perfect public historic event space. Living in, and holding events in the historic chapel is a dream come true for the Wanbergs and a big step forward for preservation in the Grantsville community.