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929 Park Avenue

929 Park Avenue is one of Park City’s mining era structures commonly referred to as a “wood tent” due to its fragile single-wall construction, poor structural systems, and lack of a foundation.  Overgrown trees, boarded windows, and structural roof failures on the house added to the overall rundown condition of the site and contributed to the home being slated for demolition four years ago. But before that could happen the Robertson’s purchased the home started a complete restoration.

Based on ghost lines – marks left from old lumber – and historic photographs, the original door and window openings were restored replicating the lost historic elements. Given the demand to construct large additions that often engulf or threaten the historic integrity, especially in Park City, this project is unique in that from street level a new addition is almost entirely hidden behind the historic house. A local architect cleverly designed the two story single-car garage with proportional window and door openings, architectural details, and materials keeping with the look and feel of the historic Mining Era structure.

The general contractor regularly met with Park City Planning staff to determine the best treatment of historic materials. The Robertson’s dedication to ensuring a quality restoration greatly contributed to the success of this project and has set a high standard of quality in rehabilitation for Park City.