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1341 Michigan Ave

Built in 1923, this 2,400 square foot, classic, brick bungalow on Michigan Avenue was been designated as a contributing structure in the Yalecrest National Register Historic District in 2007. But it had suffered over ten years of vacancy and neglect when Scott and Constance Maves found and purchased the home.

The previous owners had turned off all utilities and the interior was left with exposed framing and remnants of old wiring.  Through all the dust, leaks, and patches of paint, potential of a real home could still be seen by the Maves.

While preservation was a main priority, they also sought to reduce their carbon footprint by setting an ambitious goal to reach LEED Homes Platinum status. They achieved this by reusing the exterior envelope and reinvesting in the home's embodied energy.

To accommodate new efficient mechanical equipment as well as a radon mitigation unit. Solar panels placed on an accessory building are estimated to deliver 42% of the home's energy needs, and a hidden underground cistern collects water from the roof to provide the new native plants with all of their water needs.

While this home is the first LEED for Homes Platinum Renovation that also qualified for the Utah Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit, every measure has been taken to ensure its longevity and sustainability, while preserving the character and scale of the original home. Would all those involved with this project please stand.