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Herm’s Inn

Herman “Herm” Johnson and his wife, Elizabeth, built Herm’s Inn in the 1920s in Logan Canyon. They lived upstairs at its start as an inn, grill, and diner and through its transition that added a gas station and general store. During this time, Herm’s Inn was surrounded by empty fields and farmland, so it was a person’s last, or first, chance to gas up and get something to eat before going through the canyon. Sadly, the original Herm’s closed its doors in 1948.

After sitting vacant for many years, Jim Laub purchased, rehabilitated, and expanded the space to make the space more usable and reopen Herm’s Inn.  Located in the same building—one of Logan’s oldest – and with a compatible addition, Herm’s Inn is now double the size, but equally as quaint. If you look around you will find the original “first chance” and “last chance” signs.

The entrance remains the same and many improvements were made to bring Logan a new “hot” spot. Extra height was added to the foundation to make the lower level usable, aged reclaimed wood was used throughout the building, and each booth comes equipped with dimmers and outlets for recharging electronics. Perfect for a college town! Another unique feature are the patio windows which completely slide open integrating the indoor and outdoor space.

The new Herm’s Inn is not only a delightfully renovated space but a delicious eatery! An experience well worth a trip to Logan.