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Victory Hall, Spring City

Historic Victory Hall on Main Street in Spring City was originally a vaudeville and silent movie house, complete with a pump organ to accompany the picture and entertain the audience. Built in 1914 by John Baxter, it was originally called the Lyceum Theatre. Over the years, Victory Hall has had many different uses; a first run movie house, a dance hall, a roller skating rink, a general meeting hall, as well as the cultural hall for the local Mormon Church.

In years past, Victory Hall has been the heart of Spring City. The activities held there involved everyone in town and many throughout the county. However, the building fell on hard times and required a champion to take it on. In stepped Lawrence and Lana Gardner. They took on this project with their own hands, hard work, passsion, and sensitivity to the historic context and significance of the building. The skill, care, and craftsmanship employed by the Gardners are evident throughout the project. They have re-used and re-purposed building components and salvaged items from throughout Central Utah, while maintaining the character and preserving the historic feel of the facility. Local residents have witnessed their awe-inspiring dedication and hard work over the years.

While you might think the Gardners are looking to retire, they are busy with the restoration and operation of not only Victory Hall, but the buildings on each side of it. The building to the south was a confectionary and the building to the north has been everything from a bicycle shop, to the town post office, and a general store. Now it serves as an apartment where the Gardners actually live. The entire community of historic Spring City is excited about the completion of Victory Hall and the plans for upcoming events and the preservation efforts of the Gardners.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented Lana and Lawrence Gardner with a Heritage Award for the renovation of Victory Hall in Spring City.