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Peterson Dance Hall, Fairview

The Eclipse Pavilion was erected on this site in 1878 with what would prove to be a long lasting hardwood dance floor. After the building burned and local officials decided the wood frame replacement was a fire hazard, a dance hall was built in 1927 around the original floor and this hall served hub of entertainment for Fairview and its surrounding communities. With time and gravity taking its toll on both the interior and the exterior of the building simply known locally as "the dance hall," the city was faced with a decision: preservation or demolition. The reasons to demolish the building were very apparent. The building had become too small to host most community events, and aside from the historic hardwood floor and band alcove it did not look like the architectural gem that people remembered.

But as the question whether to preserve the building became more public, the citizens of Fairview expressed their true love for the building and wanted to cherish the memories that were held within the bricks and mortar. With the needs of the community growing, a preservation project also became an opportunity to make it more functional including the addition of new dressing rooms, more functional restrooms, and space that could allow for the heating and cooling systems to be updated.

With many people in the community giving personal donations, the dance hall has become a community center and a place to make new memories. Now named the Peterson Dance Hall – after Lionel and Clista Lasson Peterson some of Fairview's most prominent residents during the Dance halls' heyday – this has truly been a labor of love for the citizens of Fairview. With the preservation of this building the community can continue to gather the way it has for generations and treasure this building and the center of culture and entertainment Fairview City.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented Fairview City with a Heritage Award for rehabilitation of the Peterson Dance Hall.