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Pine Valley Guard Station

Located 32 miles north of St. George and 2.5 miles east of Pine Valley, the Pine Valley Guard Station sits peacefully in the Dixie National Forest. Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees constructed it in 1935 to accommodate the US Forest Service's recreation guard in charge of the adjacent campground. But by 1998, with limited funding, the building was rarely used and it fell into an increasingly poor condition. The situation forced employees of the Dixie National Forest to find alternative solutions to ensure the guard station's preservation and eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. Staff initiated the process to place the Pine Valley Guard Station in the cabin rental program which allows the public to rent these places for accommodations, and in turn, the Forest Service must use the proceeds to maintain the rented facility and area resources.

The Forest Service began preparing construction documents even though no funding for the rehabilitation was available. Soon thereafter, the Washington, DC office issued an urgent request for projects to be funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Thanks to its level of readiness, the Dixie National Forest received $240,000 of ARRA funds to rehabilitate the Pine Valley Guard Station and complete related site work.

Starting in the spring of 2010, this cabin has received new systems and has had most of the finishes restored to those specified in the original design. This amazing preservation work makes the station ready this summer for recreationists to enjoy the experience of staying in a historic "ranger cabin." The employment of this alternative use increases the long-term viability of the former administrative facility and contributes to the tourism of Washington County.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented the Heritage Award to the Dixie National Forest for the rehabilitation of the Pine Valley Guard Station.