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Newhouse Apartments, Price

The LaPorte Group has been integrating historic preservation with urban renewal in Utah since 1999. They specialize in revitalizing cityscapes, including those of Salt Lake City, Ogden, and now more rural areas such as Price and Helper.

The Newhouse Hotel was built in 1915 and was considered one of the most upscale hotels Price had to offer at that time. Located in the heart of Price, most services are within walking distance to its tenants making it an ideal location for the area.

The hotel had been abandoned for nearly 40 years before renovation by the LaPorte Group. The building was completely renovated and restored with the goal to maintain the historic aspects of its exterior and interior. Major mechanical systems including plumbing, electrical, HVAC were all updated while maintaining the historical appeal of the property.

In addition to offering low-income housing, the Newhouse Apartments also incorporate the use of solar power and are Energy Star certified. This helps the project not only decrease the utility costs for its tenants but also helps by passing along monetary savings from these technologies to the tenants while environmental benefits are passed onto the entire community.

The old hotel is now comprised of seventeen state-of-the-art apartments.  All apartments at the Newhouse are offered to low-income individuals and families.  The Newhouse Apartments are an important step in Utah's movement to eliminate chronic homelessness within ten years, and offer unique and attractive low-income housing in a rural area where such options are not widely available.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented the LaPorte Group with a Heritage Award for the rehabilitation of the Newhouse Apartments.

All apartments at the Newhouse are offered to low-income individuals and families.