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Weber County Heritage Foundation

Weber County Heritage Foundation was established as a non-profit organization in 1978 to preserve the unique architectural and cultural heritage of Weber County and Ogden City. They support this mission by sponsoring education programs, increasing public awareness of local historic and architectural legacy, and providing funding and support for local preservation initiatives.

During the past five years alone, Weber County Heritage Foundation has donated funding and support to some of Ogden's most prominent buildings and sites including Peery's Egyptian Theater, the Eccles Art Center, Union Station, and Ogden High School. The organization was instrumental in completing was the restoration of the Lime Kiln, a 2009 Utah Heritage Foundation Heritage Award winner.

Along with raising and granting funds, they have contributed to the completion of several education programs including their most recent collaboration with the Crossroads of the West Foundation. The program includes lesson and worksheets for in-class use as well as a DVD that take kids on a tour of Weber County history through the ages, from pre-historic times all the way through the recent past.

Another one of the most popular public programs is the annual Historic House Tour. Not only does the activity function as a fundraiser, but it is an opportunity to expose a wide variety of people to the excellent preservation work that is continually going on around them. The most recent tour featured the "Two Arts" Art Deco and Art Shreeve – one of Ogden most prolific architects.

To supplement all their preservation efforts, there are also a number of publications including "A Grand Celebration" highlighting the Ogden's Pioneer Day celebrations and the beautiful rodeo queens that have represented Weber County for Utah's own historic holiday.

This is just a small sample of all the preservation efforts that are put on by an all Volunteer organization. Weber County Heritage Foundation has been providing assistance for over thirty years, never lacking enthusiasm for the preservation of local architecture and history.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented Weber County Heritage Foundation with a Heritage Award for their organizational achievement in historic preservation, education, and advocacy.