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Judge Jacob Johnson Home, Spring City

Judge Jacob Johnson was a traveling territorial judge that lived in Spring City until moving to Washington, D.C. in the early 1900s, following his election to the U.S. Congressional seat. The local lore suggests that Judge Johnson was well known as being quite a colorful character. He would never turn down an opportunity to entertain and rumor has it that he had even entertained the Likes of Butch Cassidy and many prominent personalities at his home. He is even said to be the origin of several local ghost stories.

Taken by the charm of Spring City and the potential of the Judge's property, Alison and Chris Anderson moved from Salt Lake in 2005. Encouraged by local residents, the Anderson's began the restoration project that would take this promising property and transform it into something that they could take pride in.

Living in a small log cabin across the street at first, the Andersons worked diligently to transform the property. First order of business was to rehabilitate the Judge's Office that had since been turned into a guest cottage. Once that was completed the Andersons moved into the Cottage and began work on the rest of the property that now includes the main residence, granary, stone barn, garage, and landscaping. Where possible the Anderson's used the homes original material or used salvaged pieces from other local products. While they have employed local builders, craftsmen, and contractors for large-scale projects, Chris and Alison have done much of the labor themselves.

But you'll have to ask them if their work has been well-received by the ghost of Judge Jacob Johnson!

Utah Heritage Foundation presented the award to Chris and Alison Anderson.