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Stratford Hotel, Salt Lake City

Built by architect Bernard O. Mecklenberg in 1912 , the Stratford Hotel was heralded as "the newest European hotel, elegantly furnished, strictly modern hotel with rates within reason." Not to mention the first class service that was provided. After a series of remodels and a fire that left the building roofless, many were just waiting for the notice of the wrecking ball. However, LaPorte Group, led by managing partner Ben Logue, saw an opportunity. Using a variety of funding sources that include Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Federal and State Historic Tax credits and the state's Olene Walker Housing Trust Fund, LaPorte rehabilitated and restored the building for mixed uses. It now houses 46 low-income apartments units and a first floor retail space that was the former Studebaker showroom. Original pieces like the hotel lobby, wood wainscoting and trim were retained, and the entrance to the building was restored to match historic photos. LaPorte's carpenter also took special care in restoring the upper-story windows, store fronts, transom windows, and individual bays.

Sustainable elements were integrated into the rehabilitation including making all the upper-story windows operable for light and ventilation as well as covering the roof with solar panels to provide the building with electricity. The Stratford Hotel demonstrates that the ideal goals of affordable housing, mixed-use, sustainability, and historic preservation can be successfully combined into one award winning project.