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Rockhill Creamery, Richmond

In 1986 Pete Schropp and Jennifer Hines purchased the property from the Erickson family where the Rockhill Creamery now stands in Richmond, Utah. The farmstead was built in 1895, and included a home and various outbuildings related to an agricultural operation. Pete and Jennifer preserved and rehabilitated the buildings and once again it is a working farm but with a unique twist - it includes an artisan cheese operation. They converted outbuildings to a milk parlor for the farm's five Brown Swiss cows, a cheese parlor where Rockhill Creamery cheeses are handmade in small batches, and a small shop where the cheeses are sold.

They first replaced the electrical wiring in all of the buildings. Then, they replaced the roofs and removed years of debris. Once everything was safe they began adapting the buildings for their current uses. They converted the brooding shed into a calf-raising shed, and modified the hay barn to allow for modern day equipment. Next, they constructed a milking parlor and loafing sheds on the foundation of where the large coop once stood. Hoping to maintain much of the integrity of the buildings, they also tried to make them cost effective.

A majority of the original wood siding and other materials was salvaged and used again throughout the project. Last year they modified the inside-outside granary to become the businesses farm stand.
The owners were successful in their efforts to get the farmstead listed on the National Register of Historic Places in October 2004.

Rockhill Creamery cheeses sell out nearly every weekend at the Downtown Farmers' Market and if the product is any testament to its success, its great to see a historic working farm maintained as a viable business.