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Bim Oliver, Salt Lake City

In the early 1990's Bim Oliver began helping Utah communities with economic development, an effort that evolved into the state's Main Street Program. He soon became Utah's first Main Street Program Director because he envisioned a program that would help small communities statewide develop more viable downtowns. He based the program on the "Main Street Approach" developed by the National Trust Main Street Center. It included design, promotion, business growth, and organizational principles.

The design of such spaces is where Bim made the biggest difference in Utah. In the majority of the communities, preserving historic buildings was top on the list.
Bim's educational outreach in preservation and economic development included countless personal meetings with community officials, merchant associations, Main Street boards and business and property owners. He developed many publications and workshops for the Utah Main Street Program that reached hundreds of people annually.

Utah has been so fortunate to have the leadership of Bim Oliver at the helm of the Main Street program since its creation. He was always looking for a little more funding, a new partner, or that key promotion to strengthen local main street business districts. Bim's personal enthusiasm, patience, and generosity were clearly evident in the the success of the Utah Main Street Program.