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Cache County Courthouse, Logan

The Cache County Courthouse was constructed in the 1880s but quickly grew with additions in 1915 and 1917. Years were not kind to the building and eventually, Cache County needed to decide what to do with the historic structure. The county had outgrown their offices and decided to do a land swap with the state that would result in a new state district courts building and demolition of the historic courthouse. UHF, many local residents, and Representative Ralph Becker helped save the courthouse in the 2001 State Legislature. But after they completed a feasibility study, the County decided to move their administrative offices to a new building next door and restore the courthouse.

Not long after the restoration process began, a wood frame was placed inside the exterior walls to seismically retrofit the building. The majority of the interior floor plan and interior masonry walls were retained for additional structural support. The wide base wood trim, and door and transom moldings were all still intact and restored. Non-matching brick on the historic additions had their brick stained red to match the main portion of the building.

Last minute advocacy saved the Cache County Courthouse. It's restoration by the community has demonstrated how the county government can be the center of revitalization in historic downtown Logan. But the project has also been a source of pride in Cache County history, its preservation, and community collaboration.