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Orson Hyde Home, Spring City

In May of 2003, Bruce and Bonnie Barker became the fourteenth owner of the Mary Ann Price and Orson Hyde House in Spring City. The house, originally built in 1865, is a Greek Revival vernacular that needed a lot of attention. In keeping with a 19th century homestead, the lot also included a large granary, icehouse, and stable all of stone construction.

The restoration process began in 2003 and was finished in 2005. First they removed a small lean-to built on the house later as an addition, and the entire back portion of the roof structure. All wood that was salvageable was saved and reused in the project. The entire house was replastered. The stone throughout the home was water-cleaned, re-pointed and scored as necessary. New windows and doors were replicated and installed where needed. The wood floors were refinished and inappropriate hardware was replaced with antique pieces.

It has been said that rehabilitation of the Hyde House may be one of the greatest projects ever undertaken in Spring City. In an entire town of great projects, this says a lot! With its prominent Main Street location and architecture, this rehabilitation is very significant to retaining the character of Spring City's National Historic District.