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2555 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden

Jefferson Avenue was once a tree-lined street of high style architecture for the who's who of Ogden. Think, the South Temple of Ogden. Steve and Nancy Jones bought 2555 Jefferson Avenue, a house that had been divided into 15 apartments.

The Jones wanted to bring the house as close as they could to the original state and recreated the floorplan on the second and first floor to what they believe to be original. They met with past residents of the home to recreate the staircase according to their memory of its original appearance.

In one of the biggest tasks, the couple removed the Georgian porch and columns and reconstructed the original Victorian porch, making the house look much like it originally did. With all the changes made to the house, from windows to moldings, and flooring to paint, the materials used were replicated with ones that matched as closely as possible to the original. There was one remaining original fireplace in the kitchen that was restored. A new roof made the house resistant to weather, while driveways and walks were installed to make the house more accessible.

With a complete transformation of this former Eccles family house on Jefferson Avenue, the Jones have set a wonderful family tone on the street as well as a powerful example for others to follow in the neighborhood and the city. Already many other homes have started the step towards restoration and Jefferson Avenue is playing a new role in the community.