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American Fork City Hall

The American Fork City Hall was built in 1903. After over one hundred years of use this building was in serious need of a major renovation. Many of the historic elements had been removed or destroyed. The building had been repainted and remodeled multiple times. Even still, a large part of the building's historic fabric remained intact, making a major renovation project feasible. Once the renovation project began, tin ceiling tiles and the bell tower's original tin finial were discovered.

Ceiling tiles, window sashes and frames, and stairway treads were all re-used in the building renovation. Using historic photos as a reference, the bell tower was reconstructed and is supported by the new roof. After scraping layers and layers of paint, the original interior and exterior paint colors were revealed, informing new color choices. These colors were used in the current color scheme to reflect the buildings history.

The historic city hall serves as a venue for dialogue between citizens and city leaders and now plays a new vital role in the future of American Fork reflecting historic and future values.