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Keith P. MacKay and Gary Parnell, Snow College and Spring City

Keith P. MacKay

Keith P. MacKay is nothing but a stranger to the Traditional Building Skills Institute (TBSI) in Ephraim. Keith has been giving workshops on stone restoration and carving for Traditional Building Skills Institute TBSI since 1996. He also organized TBSI's premier workshop which includes the history of stone structures, construction methods, restoration procedures, and carving techniques. He remains dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings, repairing or replacing stonework with professional accuracy and authenticity. In 1952 he started State Stone and has helped restore such buildings as Utah's State Governor's Mansion, Vernal Temple, LDS Nauvoo Temple, and Vern Hancock Home. He actively educates the public on the idea of historic preservation and the impact bringing new professionals into the preservation movement.

Gary Parnell

Gary Parnell has lived in Spring City since 1978 when he accepted a teaching position Snow College. He graduated with a major in history from BYU and has long been interested in restoration and preservation of our heritage. He has served on the City Council in Spring City since 1992. Since the Friends of Historic Spring City has been founded Gary has been a member and driving force. From the beginning of his term he has been assigned to the historic preservation issues in the town. Gary has helped receive many grants for the restoration of the Spring City Historic Old School and for the general efforts to preserve the historic character of Spring City. He played a major role in the "Old School" receiving a $50,000 grant for the George S. and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation. Through his dedication to preservation in Spring City many historical buildings have reaped the benefits. A great example of what a passionate and committed individual can have on their community.