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Roberta Sugden House, Salt Lake City

The Roberta Sugden House was built in 1955 by John Sugden. He wanted a glass house but did not have sufficient funds for it so his mother bought it and lived in it for over 20 years. In 1993 Mollie Kimball bought the home and became the third owner. When Mollie bought the home the yard was completely overgrown, the windows were covered with drapes, and junk was throughout it. Everyone thought that she had lost her mind but for the next six years Mollie removed about 20 bags of debris a week. She painted all the steel on the outside black which was very appropriate to the design. A small metal wrought-iron deck was added to add another place to enter the house. She reopened the skylights and removed the ivy from the exterior of the house. Mollie Kimball wanted to save this building that was endangered and it has been a fun project for her and kept her very busy.