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Yalecrest Compatible Infill Ordinance, Salt Lake City

For the past four years the Yalecrest Community Council has worked on a new zoning ordinance directed towards new residential construction. In the year 2000 residents began noticing old houses being replaced with new monster houses. So, neighbors met with community councils and city planners to come up with an ordinance to prevent old houses from being demolished and to save the character of their neighborhood before it was too late. It is easier to prevent bad work from happening then to deal with the consequences. A subcommittee was formed to research the issue and come up with ideas to solve the problem. They came up with an ordinance that includes five areas: garage placement, garage size, wall height, total building height, and setback. Countless meetings, the Yalecrest neighborhood was able to pass their ordinance, protecting their neighborhoods character from further monster home developments. Hopefully other communities will take some of the ideas from the Yalecrest neighborhood, benefit from their experiences and implement their own ordinances to preserve the character of our neighborhoods.