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Copperton Township General Plan

Historic Copperton is truly a unique place. Nestled at the mouth of Bingham Canyon, Copperton was built as a company town by Utah Copper Corporation between 1926 and 1941. The prominent Utah architects Scott & Welch planned the town's layout and designed its charming homes. Today, Copperton retains its distinct sense of place. Virtually the entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The developed area of Copperton Township, however, comprises only 160-acres within its 33-square mile boundary. With development rapidly approaching the township's boundaries, Copperton residents felt the need to plan for future growth.

Thus began a partnership between Copperton Planning and Zoning, the Copperton Town Council, Copperton residents, Salt Lake County Planning, Kennecot Land, Envision Utah, the University of Utah's Urban Planning Department, and Utah Heritage Foundation. This remarkable coalition created a general plan designed to preserve historic Copperton and promote the creation of walkable planned communities in the rest of the township.

To protect Copperton's identity as a mining company town, the plan creates a buffer of undeveloped land around historic Copperton and discourages through-roads to other developments. The plan's chapter on historic preservation emphasizes the education of Copperton residents. The town council has begun implementing the goals in this chapter, including creating a preservation committee and scheduling a series of preservation workshops.

The Copperton Township General Plan represents years of hard work by Copperton residents and a commitment to preserving the town's heritage. Many people remarked to Joyce Slothower, the chair of the general plan committee, that much of the plan will not come to fruition in their lifetimes. "This is true," Joyce responds. "The plan is a gift to future generations."