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St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Salt Lake City

The leaders of St. Paul's Episcopal Church knew the situation was dire when an electrician called to solve a wiring problem refused to touch the fuse box. Faced with a one million dollar estimate for new electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems and the growing needs of a diverse congregation, St. Paul's leaders and parishioners took a leap of faith. Rather than abandon their historic home, they committed to a sweeping renovation project.

The renovation took a very gentle approach to the beautiful Tudor-Revival church building. For example, the intricate wood casements of the cloister windows underwent a multi-step process to fill in damaged areas before they were refinished. The atmosphere of the sanctuary was transformed by improved lighting, including spotlights that highlight the dramatic roof trusses. The original wood floor, which had been covered with carpet, was exposed and refinished. Cleaning and new tempered glass coverings preserve the sanctuary's stunning stained glass windows.

To improve circulation and meet ADA requirements, the floor of the historic parish hall was lowered. The original rectory was converted into a library and office space. The new 20,000 square foot addition to the north contains a pre-school and much-needed classroom space available for church and community groups. The addition's gray-stucco exterior with arched windows complements the architecture of the historic church buildings.

During the campaign to raise funds for the renovation, The Reverend Caryl Marsh, reminded St. Paul's parishioners of their responsibility to "leave a legacy for future generations." The St. Paul's community rose to meet this challenge by preserving an irreplaceable Salt Lake City landmark.