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William and Ann Bringhurst House, Provo

William and Ann Bringhurst built an attractive adobe home in Springville in 1856. William Bringhurst was a prominent Provo businessman, Utah Territorial legislator, and the founder of Bringhurst Springs, better known as Las Vegas, Nevada. Five generations of the Bringhurst's descendants have lived in and cared for the Springville home. The house's current owners, Warren and Mary Elen Shenk, are passionate stewards of their family heritage.

Upon inheriting the house from Mary Elen's parents, the Shenks began planning a room-by-room interior rehab. Their plans soon grew into a comprehensive renovation project including structural work and an addition. The first step was to stabilize the 1856 adobe section of the house. Analysis found the structure of the 1890s addition was beyond repair. This addition was removed and a new addition created to serve as the modern living area of the home. The addition is stepped back from the original structure and mirrors its Greek Revival style.

The Shenks returned the interior of the original home to its circa-1900 appearance. Based on historic evidence, they recreated the hand-grained finish on window sills and door frames. They restored original hardware, repaired damaged flat plaster, and repaired or replaced decorative plaster medallions. Some rooms include furnishings original to the house, like this bedroom where Brigham Young often slept when visiting the Bringhursts. The Shenks even recreated a trap door that led to a hiding place where William Bringhurst evaded federal officials seeking to arrest polygamists.

Strangers now stop Warren when he is mowing the lawn and ask if they can see the "museum." For the Shenks, however, this building is home, the home of past and future generations of the Bringhurst family.