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Karrick and Lollin buildings, Salt Lake City

The Karrick and Lollin Buildings, designed by prominent Utah architect Richard K. A. Kletting, had lively histories on Salt Lake City's Main Street. The Karrick Building, for example, was home to Leyson-Pearsall Jewelers for decades and once included a gambling hall and brothel on the upper floors. In recent years, the adjoining buildings sat blighted and vacant, a drag on efforts to revitalize downtown.

After acquiring the buildings in 1999, Hamilton Partners undertook a project to rehabilitate the dilapidated structures. The exteriors of both buildings had been substantially altered over time. Architects carefully reconstructed the Main Street facades based on historic photos. Restored features include the stone details on the Lollin Building and the balconies and decorative pommels on the Karrick Building.

Years ago, load-bearing columns had been removed from Karrick making the building extremely precarious. A new steel structural frame was installed to strengthen the buildings and improve their seismic stability.

The interiors of the buildings had also been altered and many historic features suffered extensive water damage. The upper floors of the two buildings were combined to function as a single building and now house upscale apart¬ments. The main floor storefronts were transformed into Class A commercial office space.

Today the Karrick and Lollin Buildings augment Main Street's historic identity, combine residential and commercial uses, and contribute to efforts to bring new life to downtown Salt Lake City.