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David Eccles Building/Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ogden

For years the historic Eccles Building sat vacant and languishing on a prominent comer in downtown Ogden. Although Ogden City worked with several developers, none were willing to tackle what promised to be a challenging project. The Eccles Building's future looked grim. Vasilios Priskos of Priskos Investments, however, saw the elegant building's potential to once again be a proud asset to downtown Ogden. With support from Ogden City, Priskos purchased the neglected Eccles Building and transformed it into an upscale hotel.

While much of the exterior of the Eccles Building remained in tact, all the historic elements of the storefront had been replaced with modern recessed windows. Using historic photos, architects designed an historically compatible new entry, windows, and awnings for the building. The exterior brick and historic terra cotta details were lightly cleaned and the terra cotta cornices were securely attached to the building to improve seismic safety.

The interior work included structural upgrades and the new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other support systems that were required for the building to serve as an hotel. Though little historic material remained inside the building, care was taken to preserve original materials. Decorative plaster ceilings in the building's historic lobby were repaired and the original marble staircases restored. The cast iron balustrade featuring an Eccles crest was preserved and missing sections were replicated.

The four-star Crowne Plaza Hotel in the historic Eccles Building offers proof that even intractable preservation problems have solutions. The combination of a committed developer, a supportive city, preservation tax credits, and a lot of guts have restored this Ogden landmark to use.