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Alice Dormitory, Mt. Pleasant

Wasatch Academy is proud of its heritage and legacy. Tucked away in rural Sanpete County, the 125-year-old academy offers a college-prep education in an atmosphere reminiscent of a small New England college. The academy's entire campus was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

On the afternoon of November 29,2000, a fire broke out in the academy's historic Alice Dormitory. Fire crews battled the blaze well into the next morning. When the flames were extinguished, the roof and attic of the building were completely destroyed while water and smoke had caused extensive damage on the two floors of living quarters.

Because of the deep sense of history at Wasatch Academy, there was never any question that "Alice," as the dorm is affectionately known, should be renovated rather than removed. J. Scott Anderson, an interior designer who donated his services to the renovation, noted, "Many buildings in better condition and far younger are discarded."

Every effort was made to faithfully return Alice to her original condition and to bring the dorm up to modem building codes. Much of the interior had to be reconstructed due to the fire and water damage. New plywood-backed, fire-rated sheetrock walls enhance the seismic and fire safety of the dorm. In the lobby, the original moldings and chandelier were salvaged and reused. Other woodwork in the building was replicated to maintain its historic feel.

The resulting project creates a wonderful, historic living space for students and preserves an important piece of Wasatch Academy's legacy.