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Ogden-Weber Municipal Building

The citizens of Ogden proudly stand behind the historic Ogden Municipal Building. When it became clear in the early 1990s that this Art Deco landmark needed renovation and replacement, the Weber County Heritage Foundation and city staff worked to enlist community support for saving the building. Reflecting the importance of the building as an Ogden icon, citizens voted in favor of a renovation bond by an overwhelming 73 percent.
The exterior of the building, including its hallmark Art Deco grill, was essentially restored to its original condition. Since the historic interior of the building was modest and had been extensively altered, efforts here were focused on creating an attractive, user-friendly environment for city staff and citizens. Whenever possible, original finishes were reused ore replicated. For example, all the lighting in the public areas was designed to match the sole surviving historic light fixture in the building.
Sensitively integrating seismic upgrades into the interior proved to be a major challenge. To strengthen the building's structural system, new steel beams, columns, and braces were carefully lowered through holes cuts through the roofs and floors and anchored to new concrete footings in the basement.
The strongest indicator of this project's success is the pride Ogden residents take in the renovated Ogden Municipal Building. At the building's dedication, even a former skeptic embraced the historic building as Ogden's "heart and soul."