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Kearns-Saint Ann School, South Salt Lake

Built in 1899 as a orphanage, the Kearns-St. Ann School Building in Salt Lake City had reached a crisis by 1990. The St. Ann's Parish Council was faced with decided whether to renovate or demolish the historic school. Under the leadership of Monsignor John Sullivan, the council committed to raising funds to renovate the school as a symbol of their commitment to serving children in the community.
Because the school remained open and fundraising was gradual, the renovation work was phased over nine years. The project emphasized preserving the architectural integrity of the building's exterior, upgrading seismic safety, and restoring key historic elements of the interior. Creating a state-of-the-art educational center was also of paramount importance. The project transformed out-dated classrooms into inviting, modern learning spaces that will support all current anticipated technologies.
The rehabilitation of Kearns-St. Ann School was truly a labor of love for all involved. At the end of the ten-year project, contractor Cameron Construction, architect James Glascock, and a variety of subcontractors donated a flagpole plaza to commemorate the building's 100-year anniversary.
During a decade when many historic school buildings have been lost, the rehabilitation of Kearns-St. Ann School is a testimony to the enduring educational value and beauty of these buildings.