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Sweet Candy Company/Tomax Corporation Building

Tradition and technology work hand-in-hand to create a state-of-the-art workplace in the historic Sweet Candy Company Building. This Salt Lake City landmark was home of the Sweet Candy Company's manufacturing plant from 1911 to 1998. Now is supports the high-tech headquarters of Tomax Corporation, a leading provider of web-based solutions for major retail chains.
This adaptive use project, led by Tomax principals Eric and Jaye Olafson, successfully blends the preservation of the building's significant historic features with contemporary furnishings and finishes. The first step in the project was removing layers of residual sugar and syrup from the interior. Then workers renovated the buildings original maple floors, repaired and replicated industrial sash windows, and clean the brick walls. The original ceilings, steel columns, and bead board in the clean room remain exposed.
Within the wide open interior, the Olafsons created office, meeting and lab spaces in a sleek "retro" style. The use of glass partitions creates a modern atmosphere yet preserves the building's open, industrial feel and allows for plenty of natural light. The rehab also included installing the networking and voice/data systems necessary for the software company's work.
"Preserving buildings in style," as Jaye calls it, seems to be becoming a habit for the Olafsons. In 1997, they completed the award-winning renovation of the Morrison Merrill Building. Their current project demonstrates once again that it is possible to have the best of both worlds—historic integrity with modern amenities.