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Architecture Lesson Plans

This Architecture Lesson was created to assist teachers in helping their students learn to identify and become familiar with, architecture in their neighborhood. From the time that pioneers settled the how much is viagra state, architecture has been changing and evolving nationally to accommodate changing lifestyles and tastes in style.
These plans will provide you with the basic information that you will need to look at, evaluate and discover the architectural style of most homes built in Salt Lake City. The Architecture Lesson includes:myarchbook1

Plan a day to take a short walking tour of the neighborhood surrounding the school. This will allow the buy levitra in england students to put their skills of identifying architecture to the test. It will provide students the opportunity to see their neighborhood in a whole new light. Students will start looking at the homes they walk by every day and be able to talk about the cool features they see that are similar to a lot of where to order viagra online houses, or completely original to buy viagra cheapest a certain house. They should also try to estimate the year the homes were built and see how styles are continually changing.
Field Trip Options:

  • Some kids/classrooms might enjoy an inventory style walking tour that allows for critical analysis of homes on the spot. Taking notes and order levitra online writing down the information in the Survey Form.
  • Others might enjoy a more artistic approach that would involve drawing the we like it overnight shipping cialis different houses from either a walking tour or from a photo and identifying the characteristics and style of architecture using the Architecture Workbook.

If you have any questions about the lesson plans or implementation, please call Utah Heritage Foundation at (801) 533-0858.

The Architecture Lesson was funded in part by a grant from the George Q. Morris Foundation.