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Dedicated people are the reason an organization succeeds. I know you support Utah Heritage Foundation’s mission to preserve, protect, and promote Utah’s historic built environment. That’s why I’m asking you to consider making a year-end gift to one of the oldest and most respected historic preservation organizations in America. Please help us continue our record of success protecting the places that make Utah unique. This year we’re able to make your dollars go further by offering a challenge match. On behalf of three dedicated donors – J. Scott Anderson, Alan Barnett, and the Schmidt Family Foundation – we will receive an additional $2,300 if you help us reach $7,500 in year-end gifts.

While we are constantly presented with new preservation challenges, people have been able to rely on Utah Heritage Foundation to provide consistent and valuable programs in part because of generous support from you. Through the last twelve months, there are five main program areas that we have achieved success and that success is possible through your help because they don’t pay for themselves.


• The past year at the Ladies’ Literary Club Building has been an amazing experience. While there is a long list of accomplishments at the building, our efforts toward restoration include the cleaning of the front façade masonry, continued restoration of the Drawing Room, and completion of a historic paint analysis. We were excited to learn through the paint analysis that beneath seventeen layers of paint, the original colors of the Auditorium were a rainbow of yellows, golds, and browns with iridescent green metal accents. As we’ve raised the public’s awareness of the building and its availability, the building has become a reliable destination for many cultural and performing arts organizations.

• The Revolving Fund Loan Program consistently has ten or more loans in active status. These projects are located in communities across the state and the programs are available to any owner of an older residential or small commercial structure. Our staff provides technical assistance as well as financial assistance to many of these rehabilitation projects. In addition to providing loans, the program has been heading up the rehabilitation of a National Register-listed house in the West Capitol Hill Historic District of Salt Lake City. Dubbed the Preservation at Work Project House, 2014 has been the year that we’ve completed the rehabilitation and worked with the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City to resolve property boundary issues prior to selling it to a new owner.

• While we didn’t acquire any new preservation easements during 2014, the Easement Program continues to protect 120 properties across the state. Utah Heritage Foundation is proud to uphold national standards for managing easement programs by monitoring annually, openly and regularly communicating with property owners, and working with owners to find solutions that keep a property moving toward excellent condition.

• Whether it’s an easement property owner or a neighbor down the street, Utah Heritage Foundation provides people free technical advice on historic preservation. Many free resources are available on our website including a list of known public and private financial resources from national, state, and local sources. To help guide the public and to create better understanding of the steps to solve a preservation issue, Utah Heritage Foundation published two “Make the Save” guides on our website in summer 2014. One guide outlines the Make the Save if you already own the building. In this guide you start with only three basic questions: Does it need rehab? Do you want to know more about it? Do you want to protect it? The second guide outlines a more lengthy process of steps if you don’t own the building and are playing the role of an advocate. This guide is separated into four sections that go in sequential order and include: 1) Lay the Foundation, 2) Make the Case, 3) Educate and Advocate, and 4) Live with the Results.UHF 14---099web

• Advocating for our historic sites is what Utah Heritage Foundation was founded to do and we feel a great responsibility to continue guiding the organization to and through the complexities of saving historic places that matter to people. With limited resources available, we unfortunately have to limit the number of major preservation issues we take on. Some of our top preservation issues during 2014 have included Park School, Draper; Union Stockyards, Ogden; University of Utah Campus Mid-century Survey, SLC; and the Utah Theatre, SLC. We’ve also been leaders in the active effort to retain the federal historic rehabilitation tax credit through discussions with our congressional delegation and providing key information and contacts to create economic impact studies of revitalization in Salt Lake City’s west side and in Ogden.

While we again have reached over 24,000 people with our services over the last year, the cause of historic preservation in Utah requires further investment for growth. Your one-time or monthly recurring gift to Utah Heritage Foundation makes a tangible difference. And remember that we’re able to make your dollars go further through a challenge match on behalf of J. Scott Anderson, Alan Barnett, and the Schmidt Family Foundation if we can meet or exceed $7,500 in year-end gifts.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we ask for your support to make Utah Heritage Foundation our state’s most important force for protecting the places that matter to all of us. Thank you for considering a year-end gift and we hope to see you at the Holiday Open House on Tuesday, December 2nd at 5:30 p.m. at Memorial House.


Chris Anderson, Chair, Board of Trustees

Kirk Huffaker, Executive Director

By making a donation today, you will be playing an important role in the future of UHF and Utah’s preservation movement.