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Affinity Groups

“You don’t know who you are, until you know where you are.” – Wallace Stegner

Utah Heritage Foundation is introducing two new programs in 2016 that will build on the success of the founding of Salt Lake Modern in 2008 – Backcountry Buildings and Pioneering Design. Salt Lake Modern has been successful in reaching a new audience, building constituencies for specific types of architecture that make Utah unique as well as a stronger foundation for support, and creating a baseline of understanding and appreciation for mid-century modern design. All three groups will be part of a broader initiative under the name Affinity Groups.


During 2016, all three Affinity Groups will host free events in order to introduce the public to the concept and welcome people to join. After the launch events, Affinity Group events will be exclusively available to Affinity Group members; therefore, you will need to be a member of Utah Heritage Foundation and a member of a particular Affinity Group in order to attend. As a member, you will directly receive invitations to these events, which may include site visits, mini-tours, presentations and speakers, and access to additional research, information, and photographs. Affinity Group events may have a nominal cost in order to cover expenses.

Backcountry Buildings

Frank Lloyd Wright has said, “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” Utahns have always valued the state’s scenic and natural environment. An overlay of historic and cultural landscapes for over 150 years has made these environments richer places to study, understand, and enjoy.

Pioneering Design

Based on the era between 1847-1896, the Pioneering Design Affinity Group will serve as the foremost group to explore places of importance associated with the earliest period of design in Utah.

SL Modern

The Salt Lake Modern Affinity Group, the new name for the Salt Lake Modern Committee, provides a base of research, documentation, public education and awareness, and advocacy for mid-twentieth century design in Utah after 1949.