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Ladies' Literary Club Building


We are proud to announce that the Ladies’ Literary Club has gifted their building located at 850 East South Temple to Utah Heritage Foundation! We are thrilled to steward this beautiful space and we are dedicated to renovating the building and restoring its original beauty while preserving the legacy of the Ladies’ Literary Club. The building is currently available on a limited basis for community events and private rentals.

History of the Ladies' Literary Club and Building

LLCLeconteStewartsketchwebOriginal sketch by LeConte StewartThe Ladies' Literary Club has been an indelible part of Utah's history since it began in 1877. They were one of the first and longest enduring women's organizations and always generously gave of their time and resources. Their historic club house located at 850 East South Temple has served as their home for the past 100 years. Read more about the club's history, their various homes, and how the club chose to donate the building to Utah Heritage Foundation.

In February 1877 a small group of broad minded and forward-looking women met in the home of Mrs. Tina R. Jones and laid the foundation of the Ladies' Literary Club. It was one twelve chapters founded in America and the first West of the Mississippi River.